SWCT Force Tip of the Day: Has the King Been Dethroned?

I was reading a discussion on Reddit yesterday about recent sales of the ever elusive Vintage Han in the Millenium Falcon, and how recently things have very much settled down on users trying to acquire the card in comparison to other Week 1 cards. Being that I have had all of the week 1 cards for a long time, I havent been monitoring the market as closely on those examples recently. From what I understand, Vintage Han may not be the card it once was.


As a whole, Vintage may not be the juggernaut it used to be. There are a ton of contributing factors to why this is the case, but cost of completion is the main factor. Vintage is just too expensive to chase, and people have given up and given up quickly. With odds in the 1:90 range on regular occasions, it costs a ton of coinage to get one, let alone the whole set.


What made Vintage valuable in the first place was the A) value of Vintage Han, and B) number of people with easy access to the set. When one of those is taken away, the set will drop. You might ask why this isnt the case for sets like Connections and Widevision, which have also felt the pain of a shrinking desire to collect weekly inserts. Cost is the biggest factor, in all the cases, and although Widevision’s value has dropped, it is still 2x as easy to pull as Vintage. More people will buy packs for a card that is 1:30 or 1:40, rather than one that is 1:80.

Is Obi Wan Widevision the New King of SWCT?

I dont know if there is a clear answer to this question. I would say at the moment that Obi Wan is on equal footing at least, which is shocking to me. It has outsold Han on eBay a few times, which only speaks to how many users have needed it as of late. Im guessing that more people are closer to a full Widevision set than a full Vintage set, and that means that Obi is becoming much more of a necessity than Han. He is also more available by a little bit, thus making the Widevision set that much more attractive overall.


If Vintage continues to be a tougher pull, more and more people will dedicate their resources elsewhere. Pulling a Vintage nets you the same value in some cases as pulling the new Widevision, which only makes the groupthink mentality shift further away from the value structure of 3 months ago.

Lastly, and this is subjective, I think Widevision is a cooler looking set. The cards are much more visually appealing to me, especially on a large screen phone, and the scenes are so much more memorable when you see the frame in full.

Overall, im NOT saying to go dump all your Vintage cards and hoard all the Widevisions or Connections. Be careful with wide swings of your diversification. Just be prepared to ride the value wave, as it will likely come back around. Nothing is ever permanent in SWCT, especially which card is the most important to own.

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1 Response to SWCT Force Tip of the Day: Has the King Been Dethroned?

  1. Henry says:

    Very interesting read and one that echoes my SWCT collecting habbits. I gave up on Vintage a while ago, wave 1 was abandoned due to the cost of Han, wave 2 was abandoned due to the odds of pulling. Not only is it expensive to pull, it’s time consuming too! I find the Widevision set highly collectible; they look great, they have the magic of the movies and they are unique to SWCT (unlike Vintage which at times appear to be crops of old physical cards).

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