Bunt Tip of the Day: New Leaderboard Highlights Recent Update

If you havent played Bunt 2014, competing on the weekly leaderboard is likely something new for you. In fact, because of the way Bunt 2015 is set up, it might have new elements that ALL of us are unfamiliar with. Since no article has been published as of yet, here is what I have been able to figure out so far.

Point Totals

The point total displayed on your home screen should reflect all points scored during the contests you play over the course of that week. Weeks should run Monday through Sunday, and reset every Monday morning at 5am ET.

If you click on the point total, you can see how you rank among your friends and among everyone in the game. You can also sort by this week, last week and all season. For right now, it shows all of those things as if the leaderboard has been running this whole time, but I sincerely hope it resets.

Potential Uses

I see this ranking as a way to highlight users who have been competing in contests over the course of the week. In 2014, the Best of Bunt cards were determined by the people who performed in the top tiers of the rankings, and I could see something like that happening again.

Additionally, if the leaderboard isnt used for something equivalent to best of bunt (the contest is still active as of now), it could generate coin awards, which were also a usage of the rankings last year.


If you are looking to compete, and really drive your ranking on the leaderboard, I would get started now. I have yet to see how Gold and Blue trading has changed since the update went into effect yesterday, but I would guess they are quite desirable all of a sudden.

This leaderboard will get people playing again, you can count on it, and that will make top scoring cards that much more desirable. All those boosts and game boosts are going to be insanely sought after, especially if coin prizes and card prizes are attached to the weekly and season long leaderboard.

Bottom line, competing is a grind and you have to be prepared to go big or go home. That means following along over the course of the day, and watching the games as they play out at night. It looks like points scored in any contest are equal to points scored overall, so that 1 to 1 accumulation could work in your favor. Stick to free contests and you can still accumulate points the same way as if you were accumulating them in paid contests. At least for now.

Lets be honest, Contests were dead for lack of a better expression. At least this gives us a lot more to work towards on a daily basis. I talked about bringing back a leaderboard like this a few weeks ago in my contest post, and Im glad they were thinking along the same lines. Im sure this is one of many things that will be on the way, so prepare yourself for some fun changes.

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