Force Tip of the Day – New Insert Sets Leading the Charge

I remember back in the beginning of the game, where the weekly inserts dominated the consciousness of every player and the fan feed. Over the last few weeks, as the other insert sets have been released, weekly inserts have taken a back seat to many of the main sets that have been released over that same time period. That’s not saying weekly inserts have no value anymore, but I see quite a few more requests for the different parallels of new daily cards than for the other ones that used to be all over the feed.

Cost is a huge factor, as is gratification and the timeframe in which it is delivered. If you want to spend the money to collect a weekly insert, you are going to likely have to chase higher odds, and have a lot less variety in the cards themselves. On a regular insert, the packs cost the same amount (5k and up), and you have a shot at pulling some rarer cards to use as trade bait. When you also consider that the set reward is usually only takes a week or two to be delivered, its a bit more attractive than waiting the full 10 weeks or even 30 for your reward.

As someone who has collected weekly inserts like Vintage and Widevision since day one, this is a pretty big shift in the way the collectors are going about things. I am still someone who wants to continue with the weekly cards, but man, some of these new sets look pretty freaking incredible. The Badges of War and Intergalactic sets could have been the sig equivalents had they been chosen for weekly sets instead of Vintage or even Widevision. When you consider cool factor in addition to the other aspects of the chase, its a no brainer for some users.


Considering we have yet to see a Parallax card, or a true new die cut card, there is still a lot of room for the SWCT team to maneuver without getting stale. The Star Wars universe expands almost by the day, and that is well before we even hit the new movie in December.

Now, all these new inserts do not come without a price, as the truly rare ones are almost impossible to pull. Similarly, the base cards almost trade for less than the parallels because of cost to collect, a phenomenon that should not go without notice.

Week 31 is definitely going to be quite interesting, as we will be done with the marathons for the main cards in the game, and something new will need to take its place. Im curious to see if we start to see a redesign in the way the game functions, as well as the cards that comprise the main chases. My guess would be yes. After seeing what they can do with the new cards that have been released recently, things are going to be verrrrry different, especially if a play functionality is ever added to the game.

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  1. Bryan Kent says:

    I totally agree. I loved the lightsaber set but couldn’t pull any. When the first badge was released, I lived it and managed to pull the black and blue. I have all 4 blacks so far with 2 blues and a silver. The design is great. I don’t know if this is what you were trying to say, but I noticed the black ones trade for more than the blue ones do and there are more copies of the black. It might be the ease of collecting all, or it may be the design, as I feel the black looks better than all other parallels, even the gold.

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