Bunt Tip of the Day: Ranking Sigs For Collecting

If you remember back to 2013, there were only one type of sigs to collect. Over the last few years, there have been all types of sigs released, and even I will admit that they can be hard to figure out. Im going to break down all the 2015 varieties and rank them as best I can.

1. Variant Signature Series


These cards trade like rock stars. They sell for a ton, they trade for a ton, and none of it should come as a surprise. The highest variant sig count is like 75, which is insanely low, and offering rewards like Harper and Brett help make the cards that much more attractive.

2. Variant Triple Sigs

There havent been many of these, but when they are released, there are only about 50 per. The checklist has been pretty damn good too, which only makes the variants more collectible than they already would be.

3. Variant Dual Sigs

Some of these trade very well, others trade much less. It all has to do with the players and the count of the cards. The Koufax/Kershaw dual trades EXTREMELY well, as does Griffey/Harper.

4. Signature Series

This set is the main squeeze of Bunt, and sig days are still a big event in the game. Each sig that is released is part of a larger marathon, just like the Variants, and are easily the most valuable base insert in the game.

5. Archives Sigs

I love these cards. Love, love, love, love. They are signature variations of the archives weekly set, and are usually about 150 or less. The represent some of the most iconic Topps cards from over the years.

6. Triple Signatures

Just like their variant brothers, the triple sigs trade pretty well, just not as well as the regular old base sigs. It has a lot to do with the size of the checklist and quality of the checklist, as these could get more valuable as the set continues.

7. Legend Sigs

I was expecting Bunt to go crazy over these, but they just havent really caught on, despite a very low card count. They are still very new, so things could change easily. The Gherig sells for more than a normal insert, but its crazy how undervalued these cards are. Easily some of the best looking sigs in the game.

8. VIP sigs

For whatever reason, Bunt really doesnt like these cards. It could be resentment over the VIPs getting their own sigs, but they dont trade very well at all. I guess that shouldnt be that surprising. These cards do look freaking great though.

9. Dual Sigs

There have been two of these that trade extremely well in Harper/Griffey and Koufax/Kershaw. The other ones really dont trade very well at all, especially the AROD/Mays one. They can be pretty high in count, so that is likely a reason.

As a sig collector, these types of cards are what drive me to buy packs more than any other type of card.  Because there is so much variety, a sig release has always been something to look forward to.

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