Fourth of July Brings a Slew of Fun New Independence Day Inserts

When it comes to big American holidays, things always get ramped up in the apps. With the fourth of July being one of those fun days where many users have the day off, it should come as no surprise that all four apps are taking some time to commemorate the day.

Topps Bunt

If you remember back to last year, the fourth was the first time that Topps really put out some major fire power. The David Wright card was one of the most sought after cards for the entirety of the season, being that one copy only had 17 copies, and the other a tiny 76 copies.

This year, Bunt wanted everyone to get into the fun, so there was a mass release of Bryce Harper’s new commemorative card, as well as a repeat of the two parallels from last season. I was a pretty¬†disappointed that the pack cost over 7k coins, as last year it was 1776 coins per pack. That wasnt cool.


All that being said, the card itself is really cool, with a retro look that features Harper in his special jersey that MLB used for the holiday last year. If you can pull either of the Harper parallels, consider yourselves among the lucky, as they are going to be crazy valuable.

Topps Huddle

Huddle is also getting into the swing of things with special cards, something that wasnt part of the game last year. These 10 cards are one per pack, with Jadeveon Clowney as the reward for collecting each one.

Although I am not happy about the reward subject, I am really liking the look of the cards, which includes a pretty interesting checklist of players who dont always get a lot of love. Easily worth cracking a few packs just to get some. Huddle’s team always does a great job with stuff like this.


I would have also liked to have seen a limited card release to mirror the readily available set that is one per pack, but the day isnt done quite yet. Similarly, with all the cool Rookie Premiere content lately, its hard to go back and get excited about head shots continuing.

Hopefully Topps goes more in the direction of the NFLPA type cards in the future.

Star Wars Card Trader

Although there was surprisingly no card released today, a pack sale is almost just as welcome. I would have loved to have seen cards created for the rebels, but there might not have been time to build a brand new set with 5 other packs going at the same time.

We did get a new badge today for the Empire, which was bad ass in its own right, so I was happy just being able to crack packs at a lower cost just to pick those up.

Im sure the fireworks arent done yet (see what I did there?), as TOPPSMIKE has already hinted at more releases on Twitter. Always a good time to see what goes down during the bigger events of the year, and I cant wait to see what they have still in their arsenal if there are more cards to come.

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