Topps Bunt MIA: Five Players That Need More Attention in the App

The season is starting to wind down and pennant races are starting to pick up. This is the time of year where things get really interesting. With persistent scoring issues that are plaguing the app, the game’s stories really need to played out in the inserts and cards released during this timeframe. Here are some of the guys who have made waves this year without much representation.

Johnny Cueto


Although he did have base cards released in Series 2, they were quickly sold out due to the trade with the Royals. Even prior to that Cueto didnt have much going on, and needed to be featured much more often. He has had a few cards as of late (including a VIP sig), but for a guy playing as well as he is, he is vastly underrepresented. Similarly, with scoring eventually going to be fixed, we need some cards when the Royals hit the playoffs.

Alex Rodriguez


I get it, he is a pariah, and deservedly so, but he does deserve some attention other than a headlines here and there. His production has increased significantly over the last few months, and his power numbers make him worth considering for your lineup. Similarly, even as a media pariah, he is still popular with Bunters, as he plays for a top team and has been doing well.

Kyle Schwarber


In 35 games, he has put up 30 RBI and and 9 HR. That is just insanity when you think about how much production that is for a rookie. He has a few cards in the game, but nothing of substance. I would love to see what Bunt could do with some cool inserts and higher scoring cards for him.

Miguel Sano


In 39 games, like Schwarber, Sano has put up VERY impressive numbers with 29 RBI and 9 HR. Although the Twins have fallen off a cliff lately, Sano has emerged as a beastly addition to their lineup. Too bad their pitching cant take the onslaught, as his production would look much better on a playoff bound team.

Manny Machado


As someone who has been a top prospect for many years, its great to see Machado turn it on this year. He has has some spectacular games, and is playing in a division that gets a lot of attention. As a whole the Orioles dont get much attention in the game, and its a shame that Machado only has a few inserts. He does have base cards and some inserts, but his dynamic play deserves to be featured more prominently.

Overall, I feel like there are teams that deserve more attention as a whole, but these guys are some of the better players that really havent gotten much attention. I would hope that we can expand out past the Blue Jays, Astros or the Giants, even though those teams are playing very well.

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4 Responses to Topps Bunt MIA: Five Players That Need More Attention in the App

  1. Smada says:

    Machado has the most inserts without being awarded a Sig so far and Schwarber is the 5th most valued Player behind Trout, Harper & Jeter according to Bunt Rank player rankings. I’d say you are right on here.

  2. Ron Berry says:

    I would add Jung Ho-Kang to the list. He is leading most rookie of the year votings, but has zero inserts. I am a little biased as a Pirates fan, but he has been outstanding

  3. Andrew says:

    In general it seems the wave of great rookies this year has been underrepresented, aside from maybe Bryant and Correia.

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