Monday Night Opening Throwdown: Breaking Down Game Only Boosts!

Its here! The first Monday night of the season, and as a Vikings fan, I could not be more excited. Of course I have to wait until like 5am for the game to start, but I digress. Here are some quick thoughts on some of the game only boosts for the games tonight.



Sam Bradford – QB, Eagles

Here is the thing, Bradford wasnt one of the five players from the Eagles that was selected to have a series one base card, so this card is going to be pretty valuable until he gets a card. The Eagles are going to score a lot of points all season, and Bradford is a good play if he can stay healthy. The issue is that all his receivers ALSO have GO Boosts and that makes this card less of a play over those. Either way, this is probably the best to get just because of overall value.

Scoring Potential: yToM4rELcyToM4rELcyToM4rELc

Demarco Murray – RB, Eagles

This guy was a BEAST last year, if not only because the Cowboys’ OLine was so good. This is his chance to show he was worth the money, as he will get a chance to show everyone what he has away from Big D. The Eagles have a good line too, so we will see what Chip wants to do with the position. He will not get all the carries as there are two other capable backs who will need touches too. One of only a few drawbacks.

Scoring Potential: yToM4rELcyToM4rELcyToM4rELcyToM4rELc

Nelson Agholor – WR, Eagles

Another guy who has no other cards that play this year. He had a good looking preseason, and looks primed to take over where a departed Jeremy Maclin left off. Not a bad card to pick up some dupes of to use later on.

Scoring Potential: yToM4rELcyToM4rELcyToM4rELc

Matt Ryan- QB, Falcons

The Falcons were not a good team last year. The issue was that injuries really hurt them, especially with Julio Jones going down and Roddy White getting banged up. They are back and 100% this year, and that will determine how well they play. Ryan can put up a 4TD game when he is on, but he can also completely bomb when he has a bad night. Going to be interesting to see what he can do tonight.

Scoring Potential: yToM4rELcyToM4rELcyToM4rELc

Julio Jones – WR, Falcons

Of all the guys that needs to play well tonight, Julio GET THE STRETCH! I think he could end up having a big game, especially if they are playing from behind and have to throw a ton. I love what he brings to the field, as his combination of speed and possession ability is definitely among the best in the league.

Scoring Potential: yToM4rELcyToM4rELcyToM4rELcyToM4rELc


Adrian Peterson – RB, Vikings


Yes, yes, he is a monster and a horrible person. That being said, I want him back on the field. The Vikings are a team that are in desperate need of his services, especially with Teddy Bridgewater playing as well as he is. With the 49ers defense absolutely destroyed over the offseason, AP could have a huge night. However, he has never played well against San Fran, and his offensive line is in rough shape.

Scoring Potential: yToM4rELcyToM4rELcyToM4rELcyToM4rELc

Teddy Bridgewater – QB, Vikings


Of all the preseason stats, Bridgewater’s definitely looked among the most impressive. Very efficient, very protective of the ball, all of the above. If he can put it together like he did in the last 6-8 games of the year last year, look out. He is a good pickup as two of his favorite receivers have no cards – Kyle Rudolph and Jarius Wright.

Scoring Potential: yToM4rELcyToM4rELcyToM4rELc

Charles Johnson – WR, Vikings

I love his game. I love his approach, and I think he is completely underrated. That being said, he has no other cards in the game, period. That makes this a good pickup to use when the Vikings eventually play on a Thursday. I doubt he will get a base card otherwise.

Scoring Potential: yToM4rELcyToM4rELcyToM4rELc

Colin Kaepernick – QB, 49ers

I was a Kaep fan until I saw how he played last year. No one had more trouble backing up greatness like he did last year. Complete downward spiral. He is also playing a Mike Zimmer defense this week, which could spell disaster. His only true saving grace is that the Vikings RARELY play well on national TV.

Scoring Potential: yToM4rELcyToM4rELc

Anquan Boldin – WR, 49ers

Since his days in Phoenix, I have always admired his skill in the absence of breakaway speed. He has never been the fastest guy on the field, but he has always found a way to get it done. Im thinking he could play very well tonight, but it all depends on Torrey Smith’s transition. Also depends how Kaep plays.

Scoring Potential: yToM4rELcyToM4rELcyToM4rELc

Ill be online all night chasing down the Vikings cards, and having fun playing along. Dont hesitate to reach out if you want to trade or if you have questions. If you are new, do not miss my article from today about scoring and contests.


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