2015 Bunt Postseason: TOPPSMIKE Provides an Exclusive First Look into Baseball Biggest Month!

For the first time in a while, Bunt is heading into the postseason with a new format, a new look and definitely a different community than any other year. I had a chance to have a long discussion with TOPPSMIKE about what was coming down the pike, and I must say, I am definitely feeling like this is going to be a LOT of fun. Im going to detail as much as I can about the awesome programs features that Bunt will be getting starting in a few short days.

Post Season Contests

I think everyone at Bunt will be the first to admit that the contest scene was not what they had hoped heading into the season. They are looking to make up that gap and bring the fun back to points, with contests built exclusively for the post season.

First and foremost, there will be no shortage of opportunities to win, and in some cases win big. Not only will there be individual and daily contests for the games of each series, but the overall leaderboard will be back for the length of the postseason. This means that players will finally get a chance to win based on their aggregate postseason scoring, instead of just within each individual contest. Not only that, but there will be some pretty incredible prizes – including some of a physical nature for more than a handful of people who can perform among the best users over the course of the playoffs.

Personally – I would speculate that they are going to be giving away a combination of Topps swag, physical cards, as well as some items that take advantage of their relationships with Trout and other spokespeople for the game. I can only imagine what might happen if they gave away an autographed item or two to the person who can win big in the post season. Endless potential and a huge reason to play and play a lot. He said it wont be only a few people that win, something I really liked hearing.

He said there will be efforts to provide both pay and free contests for everyone to play, but also warned that it might be tough to finish in the top part of the leaderboard without spending time watching the most important games of the year. He wanted to reward the people who really wanted to buckle down and watch some baseball, and thought that with so few games per day, it shouldnt be as difficult to stay on top of the action.

GO Boosts will likely be a big part of the contest structure, with a lot of content that could be available for each individual game. Expect that the best point generating parts of each team will get a heavy dose, which should be highly coveted considering the prizes that are going to be offered.

Post Season Team Sets

Unlike previous years, Mike mentioned that the card template would only undergo minor changes, with a special post season logo being added to the 20 or so players per team that would be getting cards.

He also said that boost levels wouldnt be going nuts like last year, although the cards will carry higher boosts than are set for the base cards as it is right now. Obviously, I would guess that they dont want to nerf every card that is available, but at the same time give people incentive to buy in and get the best players available. The severity shouldnt be as drastic, but still enough to make a difference.

Other Content

Mike said that the collecting side of the app would not be forgotten, and that my pleas for Post Season stubs would not go unnoticed. I reminded him of how many amazing looking cards were released last year, and that even though points are a big deal, to not give up on bringing back some of those things.

One set he did mention was a program built around clinching spots in the next rounds, where teams would be pictured celebrating their victories on the mound or in the locker room.  There should be 15 cards, which includes cards from each league in each round. Going to be awesome if the ski goggles and fireman hats come back.

Outside of that, daily content like we saw last year will be back, but this time with some amazing TOPPSDAN designs. More details on the sets will be announced as the playoffs get going, and if they are anything like what we got last year, I could not be more excited. Dan is a talented guy, and if the pennant chase sets are any indication, this is going to be a great time to be in Bunt.


One interesting development will be the increase of the daily coin bonus and the end of the 10k challenge. Although the daily bonus wont likely reach the 15k that people might have gotten from doing both legs of daily play, it will take away the headache associated with getting that extra 10k each day.

Producer App Presence

There will be a bigger focus on both producers spending time in the app and talking with fans, which is to help give access to people who may not be Twitter users. Obviously, this is something that has been a part of their job they want to increase, and things like Q&A, chat sessions and game talk might be part of the whole experience.

Overall, this is going to be quite the fun ride as things really get going the first week of October. My Twins are just a game out of the wild card, and I am praying daily that they get in – just so I can see them get some Bunt love before they get destroyed for the 73rd time in a row by the Yankees. Hey, maybe that means that they are due?

Get ready folks, the season is coming to a close and its going to go out with a bang.

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1 Response to 2015 Bunt Postseason: TOPPSMIKE Provides an Exclusive First Look into Baseball Biggest Month!

  1. MTHRILL22 says:

    Fun article to read. Thanks for sharing! I’m with you, “Go Twins!”

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