Throwdown Primer: Breaking Down Tonight’s Game Boosts 9/24/15

Well, well, well! Not only do we have more GO Boosts this week, but a number of different updates to contests that I am literally balls to the walls excited about. Ill start with the changes to the contests, and then move onto the boosts and their potential for tonight.

Contest Changes

During weeks one and two, Huddle offered two types of contests – Fantasy and Showdown – both of which offered coins as prizes for participation. This time around, Huddle is offering packs as rewards, as well as one special twist that I have been talking about for a number of months.


For the first time in any app, it looks like Huddle will give the top 50 point scorers a special JJ Watt card for their performance during tonight’s game. I mentioned in both of my contest suggestion articles for Bunt and Huddle that this would make things a bit more lucrative to play along, and I am excited to see how this impacts the game. We can also see that an Aaron Rodgers and a Marcus Mariota card is available for Sunday and Monday’s contests, which is similarly awesome.


We should also note that Best of Huddle is back in the mix, and you should sign up and play along with this contest all through tonight. It will take more time, but with slow scoring API coming in, you should have plenty of time to make lineup switches as the points load.

Similarly, it looks like the best of Huddle cards are not based on previous week’s scoring which is actually better than one might think. Instead of playing your butt off, and getting stuck with a terrible player who had a great game, you now get to see ahead of time what is on the line. Cards look really good to boot.


Kirk Cousins – QB, Washington

I dont think the Redskins are a good team, and I am similarly cautious about picking up a lot of Cousins’ GO boosts for tonights game. He is very inconsistent in his performance, bouncing all over the place from good games with multiple TD passes to horrid games with multiple picks. The Giants have struggled this year to keep people out of the endzone, so maybe that will play to his advantage.

Scoring Potential: yToM4rELcyToM4rELcyToM4rELc

Alfred Morris – RB, Washington

Last week, he was shown up by rookie Matt Jones, who might have had the game of his career in the second week. Throughout this week, the team has said that Morris is still the guy, but he will undoubtedly see reduced carries just to see if Jones can replicate his success. Lessens his impact slightly.

Scoring Potential: yToM4rELcyToM4rELc

Pierre Garcon – WR, Washington

With DeSean Jackson on the shelf, Garcon needs to step up and pick up the slack left behind. The Redskins receiver corps is a bunch of mediocre guys without Jackson in the mix, and Garcon is the only other receiver Washington has that I can even name. Not a good situation, but Garcon is always good for a TD.

Scoring Potential: yToM4rELcyToM4rELcyToM4rELc

DeAngelo Hall – DB, Washington

The fact that defensive player was picked only goes to show how few players the Redskins have that are worthy of a boost. He might have some tackles and a possible pick, but I would much rather pay attention to the other side of the ball.

Scoring Potential: yToM4rELc

Jordan Reed – TE, Washington

Like Garcon, Reed will definitely benefit from lack of good receivers for Cousins to throw to. Going to be interesting to see if Reed continues to get better after some nice performances, or if he disappears like he has in previous games and last year. Consistency is a myth in the NFL, and if you can perform like a champ week in and week out, you end up in Canton.

Scoring Potential: yToM4rELcyToM4rELcyToM4rELc

Eli Manning – QB, Giants

There is no doubt that Eli has taken the brunt of his mistakes over the last few weeks, including not taking the sack against the Cowboys to run the clock down even more. It led to a loss, and it didnt help that they lost again the following week. This is going to be Eli’s chance to redeem himself against a team I really dont think is going to be even close to good this year.

Scoring Potential: yToM4rELcyToM4rELcyToM4rELc

Odell Beckham Jr – WR, Giants

This. This is the boost to pick up. He has had two nice performances to start the year, and he has the potential to go off tonight. I would guess he gets no less than 8 catches and 100 yards, with a potential for multiple TDs. Cruz still isnt back yet, and Randle is maybe 80%. Beckham is Eli’s favorite target and this is his chance to shine again.

Scoring Potential: yToM4rELcyToM4rELcyToM4rELcyToM4rELcyToM4rELc

Rashad Jennings – RB, Giants

Im still not sold on Jennings as a feature back, and I am not sold that he will do much in this game. He has had a few games where he blew up, but they are really few and far between. Im still curious to see what might happen considering the Giants offensive line is just okay this year.

Scoring Potential: yToM4rELcyToM4rELcyToM4rELc

Shane Vereen – WR, Giants

I would have gone with Randle, even though he isnt all the way there, and if not randle, maybe a TE or something. Vereen gets looks out of the backfield, but he is a 3rd down/Change of Pace guy, and without Brady throwing him the ball, its not as effective. He has had his moments, so there isnt a complete bust written on this card.

Scoring Potential: yToM4rELcyToM4rELc

Prince Amukamara – DB, Giants

I see that they are mirroring defensive guys here, and like I said with Hall, its not my thing. Amukamara isnt a bad player and should do well in coverage, but it all depends on passes deflected and tackles.

Scoring Potential: yToM4rELc

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