Huddle MIA: Five Players Who Should be in Series 2

Now that we a short time from closing out week 3 in the NFL, there have been some REMARKABLE performances that definitely deserve some attention in the game. We knew from day 1 that more base would be coming as it is available, and hopefully that time is soon with such a short season timeframe. In the other apps, the base can be released at a more leisurely pace because of the high volume of games. That obviously isnt the case with the NFL. Here are some players we need for Series 2.

Joseph Randle – RB, Cowboys

We should have expected that anyone running behind the Cowboys’ OLine would be prime for putting up big numbers. Randle scored 3 TDs on Sunday and has had no issue making up for the years he spent running behind Demarco Murray. Thanks to his early scores, the Cowboys almost beat the Falcons, which is pretty insane considering that Brandon Weeden was the QB.

Travis Benjamin – WR/Ret, Browns

As a guy who has been around for a few years, its always fun to see when it finally clicks for a guy. Benjamin is putting up TDs like he is a top player in the league, something that the Browns needed in a bad way with the Josh Gordon experiment going onto year number 2. He already has 4 TDs on the year, and that doesnt even speak to special teams.

Matt Jones – RB, Redskins

The clock is ticking on Alfred Morris’ time as Washington’s feature back. Jones is averaging 5.3 yards per carry, and already has a few long scores. He would have had another TD to add to the total if the ball wasnt knocked out 3 inches in front of the pylon as he was diving through the air.

James Jones – WR, Packers

I am literally shocked that he has found a way to score 3 TDs. With Nelson out, Jones is getting more action with Cobb and Adams banged up, and its going to be interesting to see how he does tonight against the Chiefs. If he gets another TD, it will put him in second place league wide. Pretty nuts for a guy who was unemployed just a few weeks ago.

Tyrod Taylor – QB, Bills

This guy can play, and that should be a surprise. Not only is he playing for a coach known for having issues with QB play, but he has not exactly had a ton of success prior to this year. His QB rating (despite how much I hate the stat) is in the top 5 for the league, only behind Brady, Rodgers, Dalton, and Palmer. This guy needs cards now.

Honorable Mention:

Devonta Freeman (Falcons) – Had a great game vs Dallas, and could see more time with Tevin Coleman on the shelf with a rib injury.

Rishard Matthews (Dolphins) – Great game in a terrible loss to the Bills. Has been getting quite a bit of a look from Tannehill opposite Jarvis Landry.

Cant wait to see what happens, as it is likely that these players will get inserts if base isnt available. With the base cards being digitizations of the physical cards, it might not be possible to add every player to the pool.

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