Huddle Gridiron Tip: Making Sense of Contest Cards and Best of Huddle

Game play is the one thing that makes Huddle so much different from its predecessor in Bunt. With Bunt, there is just as much of a focus on collecting as there is gameplay. Although I expected the acquisition of the full NFL license to jump start the collecting side of Huddle, gameplay is still a much bigger draw. That’s NOT saying collecting doesnt exist in the app, its just more 65/35 rather than 50/50 in Bunt. I would even argue that its 65/35 in Bunt this year collecting vs gameplay, as the contests didnt really seem to get people in the door.

One of the main complaints for 2015 Bunt was that the effort you had to maintain to do well in the contests did not translate over to the prizes that were available. Tiny coin bonuses or packs with base / cheap inserts didnt do much to get people exicited. As a result, the contest structure didnt really take off.

In a few posts and talking with the team, I mentioned a few adjustments that I felt would help tremendously. One of my soap box items were contest only cards, that were not available to people who didnt play along with the live games. Although I AM NOT saying that my suggestion led to what is going on in the Bunt playoffs or Huddle contests, they went the right direction in adding the Contest Winners set to some of the larger contests available in both games.

When you look at Huddle, playing along in the contests can net you a number of cards, many without cost. There is not a single reason why you shouldnt play along if you are already watching the games, especially on Monday and Thursday night.

Best of Huddle

Looking at the progression of this set, we have come a LONG way.


Because of a number of things, I would guess, Huddle is not able to produce Best of Huddle cards on demand. I would venture this is the same reason why there is no player of the week cards either. When you add a second body into the mix that has to approve cards, im sure there are certain things on production timelines that have to be sacrificed. Either way, I actually like pre-selecting the players much better, as we are more guaranteed that some rando who has a crazy game doesnt end up as a card.

They also changed Best of Huddle for the better in the way that the cards are delivered, as the people who score in the top tiers get all the cards from the lower tiers too. That is a very good thing. I remember last year during the playoffs that lower tier players got somewhat more strategic cards that werent afforded to the users who did much better.

When it comes to value, this is where things get kind of crazy. I have seen the gold BoH cards out of 25 go for an absolute ton. I have gotten multiple offers for my golds that I turned down because of who was on the card (Adrian Peterson), many of which would have made you quite impressed.

If you find the user who collects BoH, you can easily come away with a king’s ransom. Other times, you wont be able to give the cards away. With BoH, its always best to wait for the right offer, rather than just throwing the cards to the wind because you dont get a bite on your Fan Feed post.

Contest Winner Cards

1 2

To be completely honest, these might be some of my favorite new cards of the year. I love the design, I love the rarity, and I love that you have to EARN them. Rather than a rookie getting lucky in a pack, these have to be won, and I am enamored with that scenario.

Being that there are now two kinds of Contest Winner cards, there is a definite tiered value system at play. The gold /25 and /10 are definitely crazy valuable if you find someone who collects that team or player, but like BoH, not everyone is interested in cards that arent pack pulled.

I cant decide if its because people dont want the cards if they feel like they didnt win them according to the rules, or if people legitimately feel like the cards arent cool.  Maybe its the fact that they have no award for collecting the set? I really dont know. Its an interesting situation, because they are some of the rarest cards around.

This actually goes back to the 2013 Huddle “Limited” cards, which were given out to people like BoH. Sometimes, the players were popular, and the cards went for a ton. Some of them still sell for a lot however many years later. Other times, not so much. I wasnt a huge fan of the design, so I never chased them. These Contest Cards are a completely different story though.

I have traded low count cards that I have won for a lot, and I have also seen them go for very little. Its all relative to the person, as without an award for the set, it relies on the player and team more than anything. Rarity should come into play more, but some feel like it doesnt apply when not pulled from packs.

In the end, I think I mentioned a few times that your trading partner will dictate value on these more than the community. These cards will be more volatile than any other type of card, and that’s just the way it is. My advice is to find the right partner and find something that works for both of you. That way, both come out happy that they got what they felt the value is all about.

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