Topps Digital Predictions for Thanksgiving and Black Friday Madness

I love Thanksgiving. Its my favorite holiday, if not only because of the food and family. It also helps that Sports has been woven into the fabric of the goings on, and Topps Digital has always made it fun. This is a guide to what I would expect coming up this week, over the next few days.

Topps Huddle

We already see that contests have been posted, including a premium contest with one of the best prizes I have seen outside of the 1/1s given during the boost contests.

Not only will the top 25 be given a Tom Brady 3x boost as their main reward, but they will also get the standard 2 contest cards as well. This is a HUGE prize considering how many Patriots collectors there are, and it doesnt stop there.


I also expect a bunch of releases to happen over the course of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, with a potential to see the return of the fabled Black Friday Marathon set. Last year’s marathon was seriously one of my favorite things, and I hope we get something similar again.

Being that Huddle is NFL licensed for the first time, could we also see some Thanksgiving classics make an appearance? I would go freaking nuts if that happened. I cannot wait to see what happens, as football and Thanksgiving go hand in hand.

Topps Bunt

We already see that Bunt has a new Black splash screen, which I am wondering how it relates to the upcoming Black Friday plans I just mentioned for Huddle.

Last year, the Bunt version of the Black Friday Marathon showcased the first ever Babe Ruth signature card, and boy did people freak out chasing down all the cards.


I would guess there will be a commemorative Thanksgiving set, which if it looks half as good as some of the other cards we have seen this year, should be amazing.

This is offseason territory for Bunt, unfortunately, so the users that are still hanging around are less than we would normally see. Its really too bad, because some tremendous stuff has been going down lately.

Star Wars Card Trader

This is where things could get interesting. Star Wars wasnt around during last thanksgiving, so there isnt a precedent of what might happen. With the movie coming out, and variant-palooza still running strong, I would guess there could be some sort of FA tie in, with a variant set of special characters on the way.

Because of the subject matter of the app, I sincerely hope they find a way to keep this awesome, and not go down a path that is more corny than anything. Although Star Wars always had a schlocky element to the franchise, I dont want to see something that goofy.

Being that Star Wars and merchandising have gone together like Lightsabers and Blaster Pistols in the past, I am really expecting some cool fireworks leading into the after-thanksgiving weekend. This could be a time to re-energize things in an app where releases havent been as frequent as of late. Being that this is also a Marathon-free “offseason” period for the app, this is a huge opportunity to get people going again.

Im going to be heading back to Minnesota to spend time with my family, but you can be rest assured that I will be keeping a close eye on what is going on. As mentioned multiple times, I am beyond excited to see what goes down in all the apps.

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