On the 50: Breaking Down Huddle’s Super Bowl Releases

Let me start off by saying that Super Bowl 50 might have been the best time I have had on Huddle, ever. Thanksgiving was amazing, but this was an EVENT. Topps Digital has been known to do some awesome things when the different sports have their biggest day, and yesterday was no exception. Here are some thoughts on the releases.

Super Bowl Contest Card Prizes


I have mentioned before how much I love the playoff contest sigs. I almost wish this was the sig design for the whole year, as the cards are THAT cool. Seeing that the contest card prizes were special Super Bowl 50 versions of the contest sigs was amazing. Adding in the 3 other cards was just icing on the cake. I am a huge fan of the Super Bowl team card designs, and getting Steve Young, Greg Olsen and Demarcus Ware was a big win for all the people who played along. This was the biggest contest of the year, and the entries reflected it. Because the premium contest entry fee was basically 20 bucks (100k bundle is 19.99), they needed to go big. Luckily for everyone, they did that and then some.

Verdict: Game Winning Touchdown

Huddle Dynasties


When I saw these cards, my jaw literally dropped. I could not believe how cool of an idea this was, and I am enthralled by the way they turned out. Even though they dont have the rights for all the players that probably needed to be on some of the cards, it didnt matter in the slightest. These were some of the most premium cards of the year, and boy are they insane. This is a crazy set to put together, and its clear that the cost to acquire all of the cards is high. It should be that way, though. These cards need to be incredible, to represent all of the legend based cards Huddle has released during the year. Legends are premium players, and I have no issue with the cost being so high. If I was able to own one of the cards, I would want the count as low as possible to maintain the aura. I think that the format of the release accomplished that. Although the 5k packs likely resulted in a few lucky rippers, it wont be enough to matter.

Verdict: 99 yard TD

Super Bowl Game Boosts


Ok, I get why people were upset. Huddle definitely went nuts releasing so many of them, with boosts reaching into the 50x range. Before we get into the sale of these cards, lets start by saying the boosts made very little difference. I was able to finish in the top prize tier and I didnt even rip the 25 and 50x boost packs. I only pulled one 15x and it was defense. The person who won the post season contest did so by a wide points margin, and many of the top boosts finished with a 0 count or a 1 count. They meant nothing in the general outcome of the game as a whole. As for the way they were released, it was clear that Topps wanted to maximize the spending, and take advantage of the urgency to win the coolest contest prizes ever offered in the app. Considering they are a business, this should not surprise anyone. Is it a way to get us to spend more money? Of course it is. Bottom line, half the app will leave for the offseason in a few days, and I dont blame them at all for trying to get people to open their wallets before that happens. They gotta pay the bills. Ill give it to the fans, they have a reason to be upset, but in the grand scheme of things, it meant very little.

Verdict: Turnover

Super Bowl Dual Signature – Manning and Newton


If you have a dual sig in your collection already, you know how tough they were to get. They were only available in the Legend boxes, and even then you had 50/50 shot at getting one at 900k a rip. This one is easily the coolest dual sig of the year, and though it wont be even close to as valuable as the others, the cool factor is enough to make it worth picking up. I wish this wasnt so easy to pull to maintain value, but I dont think a price tag would have mattered. These cards have a reputation, and I know a lot of individuals who went nuts tracking down the variant. This was easily the most popular card of the playoffs in terms of packs being ripped, and that is no joke.

Verdict: Touchdown

Brett Favre and Barry Sanders Legend 1/1


If you arent familiar with how important the 1/1 was to Huddle this year, you must not have been playing the right game. These kind of cards ran ruled the roost, and to see them release the first (and possibly only) Legend 1/1s was a nuclear bomb going off. Its hard to equate the chase to anything, because Favre lasted all of 5 minutes. Someone definitely won the lottery there, and that is no joke. I saw people offering close to $1k for the card in the article, and I would guess it gets a pretty penny. I dont think there is any card in the game right now that could be traded for these.

Verdict: Long Touchdown

Huddle Mixed Chase


This was the yearly halftime release, and it was an interesting choice for a time where many of the points players were finally able to catch a break and maybe rip a few packs. Taking the top designs of the year and retooling them with Panthers and Broncos players was intriguing, but maybe it just fell a little flat because of all the crazy stuff that was flying around the app during Saturday and Sunday. If this was released during the week? Sure, it would have been pretty popular. But when you put rehashed designs up against Dynasties, well, its just not fair.

Verdict: Field Goal

Super Bowl Heroes Mini Chase


I loved this set dropping periodically through weeks since thanksgiving. Not only were many of the players some of the best in the NFL’s long history, but the design was top notch. Obviously, releasing 49 cards among all the other stuff was going to be tough, so compressing the final ones into a mini chase isnt a bad idea. The biggest win was the pack price, as these could be had at 2500 coins, instead of the normal 10k. At almost 75% off what the others were selling for, with a Lynch sig at the end is very nice. Ill take that any day of the week.

Verdict: Touchdown

Kuechly and Miller Inception and Valor


Huddle decided to go back to this well again, and this time as a way to highlight the top defensive players in the game – including the MVP Von Miller. Although I like both the sets, this just felt like the cards were left out of the mixed chase. The cards are cool, but I just didnt see a reason to dive in for 50k knowing that the cards would never be very valuable.

Verdict: Punt

Gametime – Manning, Miller, Kuechly, Newton


These cards have been running through the playoffs, and it was cool to see the culmination in the last game of the year. The design remains one of the better playoff designs, and I doubt that anyone complained about a 10x boost that was in a guaranteed pack for 50k. These easily could have been offered at an increased price, and I think we got a break with all the game only boost stuff that was going on. Overall, this set as a whole was a big winner for the last few months, and I hope that it comes back again next year.

Verdict: Touchdown

Now that the season is over, its time to get ready for 2016 Bunt. Before that happens, we will definitely get some champion cards, along with the award winners from NFL Honors. Dont leave quite yet if you want a shot at any of the releases like that. Its going to be quite interesting to see how things play out with Huddle over the offseason, and whether or not things go down similar to Bunt. Either way, I had a lot of fun last offseason with the live cards for the draft, and a lot of the experimental sets they are going to play with.

Overall, this was a great year of Huddle. One to remember. Im sad its over, but I am happy to put a bow on a lot of the great stuff they released during the year. This was a Super Bowl unlike any other, and when you see how much better things are now that its not “The Big Game”, you start to appreciate how great it all is.



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