Which SWCT Sets Need to Be Revisited?

With the one year anniversary of SWCT passed and gone, I started thinking about which of the sets that have been released deserve a reboot? We see Bunt and Huddle frequently revisit older sets and release updates, and I was thinking about which of my favorites from SWCT would be ripe for a new release.


Star Wars Card Trader SWCT Posters

The fact that we have yet to get a full blown set build around the posters for Force Awakens is really frustrating, actually. When you look at the quality, especially the character posters that were released at the beginning of last year, its something the app is hungry for. Man, that would be awesome.


Star Wars Card Trader SWCT Badges

Although this might be limited by the available source material, I would guess the SWCT art team could build some of their own badges to do another set that mirrors the original. This was one of my favorites because of the quality of the artwork, and I cant wait to see if they do more with FA characters.


Star Wars Card Trader SWCT Icons

This set was completely underrated to me. I think the idea was cool, the variants were simple to understand, and the artwork fit perfectly. Would be great to get some of these with FA treatments, especially some of the more popular characters.


Star Wars Card Trader SWCT Luminaries

These kind of had the look of subway posters and album covers of the 1970s punk scene, with letter typeface that resembles a ransom note. Although I dont think the set title fit the original set, it was something that I think would be popular if revisited with new subject matter from the current roster.


Star Wars Card Trader SWCT Intergalactic

These cards were so cool because of the wireframe presentation that was used in the artwork. I think there are a number of new ships that could be used, and many more subjects that would be perfect for this set.

Im sure everyone has their favorites, and I think that the history of the app is something that still remains powerful in a nostalgic sense. When we get to revisit the sets we used to build our passion for the app, it helps to get us excited about ripping those packs.


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1 Response to Which SWCT Sets Need to Be Revisited?

  1. ribors says:

    Would love to see a new Posters set. There are so many high quality posters available, especially from the original trilogy, that weren’t used the first time.

    Luminaries was already done a second time, so I don’t see that anytime soon. Not sure I care for Icons or Badges, but Intergalactic is a neat underrated set that would be cool to see again.

    For revisited sets, my top choices would be Reflections, Women of Star Wars, Del Rey.

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