How Does Rogue One Impact SWCT’s Future?

You know, its great that we live in an age where we get a new Star Wars story every year. With the launch of the teaser for Rogue One, audiences are finally getting to see what the first non trilogy story looks like. I gotta say, its looking pretty intriguing so far. That should spell some very good things leading into the summer for Star Wars Card Trader, as new content will definitely be coming to celebrate the movie.


With fervor dying down from the Force Awakens, things have been awfully slow in the app, at least from what I am seeing in terms of people’s residual excitement over certain content. Being that the next trilogy movie is still a considerable amount of time away, is Rogue One the answer to the issues that have caused so much community atrophy over the last month or two?

I think it all depends. Rogue One exists in a timeframe that is SEPARATE from the new movies, and because the story is encapsulated in its nature, there is no guarantee that the main characters involved will ever return for another film. In a short term capacity, Rogue One will be a wild ride in the app, and I literally cant wait for new content.

At the same time, there is no way that these characters will have the staying power of Rey, Finn, and company, if not only because we still have two more movies for them. That isnt saying Rogue One’s Jyn and company wont have enormous popularity for the time the movie is in theatres and beyond. As a female lead, you know what happens in the app. You know what will go down.

I once thought that the offseason was a marathon free time for SWCT that happened leading up to the release of Episode VII. Now that Marathons dont have the draw they used to, its clear that new movie content that should start “new seasons” for the app is where its at. These new seasons will be a yearly thing if Disney’s plan comes to be, and that means SWCT has longevity beyond just the normal content delivered.

Right now, we are in the midst of the Force Awakens offseason, and when Rogue One starts up, the app will change. Then, when Rogue One’s flame cools, there will be another offseason. This will continue through the Boba Fett and Han Solo movies that will be interspersed with the trilogy films that will be the big draws.

If the offshoot movies are as good as they could be, I dont think there will be any real problem. But, as people have already started to wonder, when does “Batman and Robin” happen? When does Iron Man 2 Happen? Those were not good movies, and in the case of Batman and Robin, literally stalled careers in their tracks for a decade. Movie franchises are only as good as their production teams, and though Disney spent multiple billions on this acquisition, it has to continue to stay among the best stories to make the app crowd continually get excited every year. I want nothing else but this. I want the movies to continue to be as good as Episode VII.

Im sure there will be another point like Force Friday where SWCT will eventually go nuts with new stuff. At that point, lace up your shoes for the run. Its going to be a great time, just like it was last time.

If you missed the trailer, here it is!


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