Breaking Down New Topps Huddle Offseason Marathons

If you havent been on Huddle lately, you are missing out BIG TIME. In fact, the designs and new sets are so attractive and fun, the offseason is no longer a time when users check out and wait for 2016 to start. Adding all sorts of new content in marathon form is awesome, and I hope that we continue to get more surprises as things progress. We know that the Draft will be a big event, and if these cards are any indicator, its going to be a must see.

Offseason Signature Series

Huddle Offseason Sig

I love the updates to the look, and the addition of the rare variants give us a big chase. At 250 for the base, 50 for the team color and 10 for the gold for Gronk, Im wishing this was the way sigs were all year last year. Those 10 count golds are going to be a ridiculous chase, and that is always good in an app that is all about card count.

Verdict: Touchdown

Offseason Street

Huddle Street

Being that we got a few versions of street last year, im kind of disappointed that this is the first version we get. The cards look better than they ever have in any of the versions we have seen in the four apps, and its going to be cool to see how the checklist plays out.

Verdict: Field Goal

Topps Wild

Topps Wild Huddle

These cards are based off a set from the recent release in physical of Topps Fire, and it is no joke that they look better than the original. This is a cool idea for those teams with a fun mascot, and I think it is one of my favorites of the new batch.

Verdict: Touchdown

Rookie Sensations

Huddle Rookie Sensations

The design on these cards is unlike anything we have seen in Huddle so far, and I absolutely love the two tone approach taken with these. The rookie theme works well, and the two player release is fun to chase. I think for a marathon, we have missed this all year, even though we got some of it with Rising Stars.

Verdict: Field Goal


Huddle Grit

This is the follow up to a set that was released during the 2014 Super Bowl, and I think its quite the interesting approach. Of all the new sets, this one is probably my least favorite, but that doesnt mean its bad. I think that the concept is a bit of a stretch, but the cards still look good.

Verdict: First Down

Die Cut

Huddle Die Cut

I think these are my favorite of the new bunch, just because they look so cool with the set up. Its a simple design, but it works so well, and the dynamic photos for Luck and Peterson are awesome. Its not hard to collect these, so that makes them even more attractive as a marathon.

Verdict: Long Touchdown

Huddle 50

Huddle 50

Although not TECHNICALLY a marathon, I included it because it is freaking cool. I love this concept as it takes things to a new level of team collecting, and does so by reliving the best of 2015. I would like to see what is on this list, but there were sure a lot of things to talk about. Curious to see of OBJ and Josh Norman’s battle makes the list, right?

Verdict: Touchdown

Noticeably absent from the list so far are Relic and Limited, and im not sure if they are going to go that direction. I do know that the app would definitely like a big and rare chase set like Limited to come back, especially with how valuable the first wave continues to be. I would also like to see a SUPER premium set like we had with Gold Legends or Rain sigs, but im not sure that is in the cards. It would similarly be as welcome as Limited.

Dont check out for the offseason, as we are seeing. With sets like High Tek and other stuff, its clear that Huddle isnt ready to call it a year. I cant wait to see what is coming next.

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