The Fabled Chase Sets of Bunt

A few days ago, we got a treat, one that I wasnt expecting to be honest. With the release of this year’s version of Programs, we saw that the team continue to invest in fan favorite sets that have a history with users, and it got me thinking. If programs is one of these sets that have appeal across a few years, how many others are in this same range of consideration? Just to be clear, this isnt a marathon appreciation post, because those types of releases are a given. These are the chase sets that are released on their own.


2016 Bunt Programs McCuthcen

I love this set, as we all have a connection to going to games and picking up a program to commemorate our time at the event. I have programs going back to the 1987 World Series at my house, and I love that this idea was used to build a set. This version is especially cool with the retro logos and ticket stub on the side, and I think that there is a clear reason for doing this set year after year.


2015 Bunt Stubs

So far, we have gotten two version of Stubs, plus a Drew Stubbs special edition card. In the course of 2015, this was easily one of the best sets that Bunt did, and I would be SHOCKED if it didnt make another go around for 2016 as well. Huddle tried to get it going too, but the design wasnt as successful in my opinion. The post season version of the set, with actual ticket stubs from famous playoff games was similarly awesome, and I think that combining the two in some way would be amazing.

Allen and Ginter

2015 bunt ginter teixeira

Although this is a physical digitization, and the cards arent as dependent on the Bunt team to get done, its a set that has been used in Bunt for a few years now. The 2016 version of Ginter hasnt yet been released on the physical side, but when it is out, I would expect that Bunt will be right there to bring it to the fans. It might be in box format this time around, but you never know.


2016 Bunt Fire Trout

This set was almost MADE for Bunt, and the user base absolutely adores it. We have seen some pretty awesome stuff come through with the fire name attached, and it has earned a reputation with the fans as a set worth collecting in any format. This past version just hit the sheet a few weeks ago, and the different cards still remain valuable even after the set has been done. People just cant get enough of the artwork that Tyson Beck has become synonymous with.

Opening Day

2016 Bunt Opening Day

This set is always something I look forward to, mainly because it signals the beginning of the Bunt season. They are always some of the first inserts to be released, and the fact that each team usually gets one, means everyone can get in on the fun. I love that the Bunt team makes it a point to use alternate images, or this year, people who dont have base cards to play. I would guess that as long as Bunt is around, Opening day will be too.

Im sure there are others that I missed, but these literally jumped to the front of my mind. I think that these types of legacy sets are important to the app’s continuity, and its something that needs to be built around in all of Topps’ digital properties. We see that SWCT is also looking to build in a similar way with Posters and Prism, and I think that is a huge deal to promote app longevity.

Doesnt hurt that each of the sets is awesome either, just saying.

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