Topps Series 2 Baseball is Coming – Impacts on Bunt

Each year, Topps puts out a minimum of 3 series of base cards for the season. Topps Series 1 and Topps Series 2 will all be important for Bunt because of the base cards they translate to in the app. Topps Update series has not been released in bunt prior, but that could always change. Here is what Series 2 means to everyone who reads this site.

CaptureMore Base Cards!

Yes, there are going to be a TON more base cards coming, many of which include some of those guys we have all been waiting for. As more of the series 2 base show up on ebay you can start to get a picture of who is coming to Bunt. We already know Kenta Maeda will have a new base card from early previews, and he will not be alone. Get ready to chase all over again, because the sets are coming.

More Inserts!

Like we saw with physical series one, many of the inserts that were part of that set were part of Bunt in the early weeks. I would assume that history will repeat itself and we will see some of the new inserts in Bunt too.

More Redemptions!

With series 2 comes a new list of players that will be available in special redemption form, potentially. Although there are a list of Bunt players on the checklist for Series 2, there is no guarantee they will be available for transfer into the app. With the majority of the season still to go, I would have to believe they will be transferable, but I have not yet received confirmation yet. These will be EXTREMELY rare, likely 25 copies or less, and will be some of the biggest cards to get in the entire physical product.

Enhanced Gameplay!

Bottom line, more players means more people to play with. That means more points can be scored and hopefully more contests can be had. It all depends on how Bunt decides to roll out the cards, and hopefully it goes smoothly. There could be preview packs that are used to slow roll the release, but I am hoping everything goes all at once. That would be awesome.

Roll Out

Even though some auctions for Series 2 physical are already up, DO NOT expect the cards to be ready on release day. They could show up, unexpectedly, but Im not going to place my bet that its going to be this week or maybe even before the first of July. Bunt needs to get the material from the physical side, and add the app’s stuff to the cards, and that takes a while. Just be patient and the cards will come.

Similarly, as mentioned above, there is no guarantee that Series 2 will all be available at once. It could be rolled out that way theoretically, but its possible they might release the cards as they decide. Because there will be a lot of series 2 collectors looking to build their sets in the app, they know there is money to be made.

All in all, this is a fun time for Bunt, as anytime new base are on the horizon, things get to be exciting. Remember that series 2 will be available for the rest of the season once it hits the sheet, so dont go too nuts. Im very excited to see what happens, and I cannot wait for a series 2 chase that equals what I went through in Series 1.

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1 Response to Topps Series 2 Baseball is Coming – Impacts on Bunt

  1. Austin Gorton says:

    Any thoughts on the increased price of contest entries? The AL/NL contests have gone from “difficult to win all but the consolation prize” to “you can get a pack valued at 15K coins for 10K coins just for logging in (and not even playing any cards”. The contests are one of my favorite elements of the app, but they seem really out of whack this year.

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