Museum Collection Makes a Splash In Bunt

I am a big fan of the Museum Collection brand on the physical side, and was curious how or if they were going to incorporate it into Bunt. With monthly boxes being something that is now an expectation for the app, it seems like a high end product would fit right in. Lucky for us, we not only got what I was hoping for, but we got it in a way that seems to be like an extra box this month.

Topps Bunt Museum Collection Hank Aaron

The cards themselves look great, and I would guess that the physical team gave quite a few images for the Bunt team to use over the waves of this set. Not only are there a bunch of awesome looking relic cards, but also some silver sigs and sig relics as well. The first wave checklist lacked a bit of star power in the big hits, but I would guess there will be quite a few big names in latter waves if the physical cards are any indication.

Topps Bunt Museum Collection Mike TroutIn my opinion, this month’s Bowman box was a bit of a dud, not in the choice of set, but in the way the set was constructed. Instead of focusing on the elements that make Bowman what it is, we got a healthy dose of cards that really didnt resonate with the app. I was hoping for rare color sigs of the top prospects like Moncada and Bregman, but neither was featured all that much. They really could have gone nuts and done something like making low numbered cards of some of the players on the checklist, much like we see with Bowman on the physical side. I think it would have done really well.

With Museum, we get a bit of a make-up, with high boosted rare versions of cards that people will definitely want. We also get some great looking, low numbered “box hits” along side. Although the signature framed cards that Museum is known for havent quite made the cut quite yet, they still could be coming.

Topps Bunt Museum Collection Jose Altuve

I think that the biggest thing that these boxes have needed in a lot of ways is an understanding of the novelty that makes each set what it is. Because the digital team and the physical team still work relatively separate, you can tell that a few things get overlooked that shouldnt be overlooked. Bowman is all about low numbered autographs of the top prospects. Museum is about the framed autos. If there was more coordination, the team might get some extra direction on what elements of the product are worth focusing on.

That isnt saying that the cards we did get for Museum arent seriously cool, because they are. Im just wondering how much MORE impactful the sets could be if the bigger items from physical were also a big focus for digital.

I also want to compliment the inclusion of some major legend hits, because we need those in Bunt much more than we get them. Although the monthly Gypsy box and this both had a sampling, its rare we get legends in any other format. With some of the most iconic sports figures in American history at the disposal of the team, it would be nice to get more of a focus on those players – especially if they are done in a premium format like we see in Huddle.

Overall, these types of releases really get me excited, mainly because they have a root in my physical card collection as well. The great thing about having this type of thing in your back pocket is that it doesnt diminish the Bunt exclusive designs that TOPPSDAN does so well either. They work in great harmony as long as the format of the boxes is palatable for the crowd in Bunt. So far, I think Museum is a great example of that.

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2 Responses to Museum Collection Makes a Splash In Bunt

  1. To add – I absolutely love what they did with using the parallels from the physical side and translating them into various boost levels on the digital side. That is exactly what they should have done with the color parallels in Bowman, so seeing it in Museum is AWESOME.

  2. Ron Berry says:

    I LOVE this set! Two great pulls guaranteed and another 25 count and 2 50 counts for 600,000 coins. With 1,250,000 coins for $99.99, you can almost get two of these for $100. Great deal!

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