Topps Classic is Back with a Twist

I love the Topps Classic set from the pre-movie sets associated with the new movies. They were easy pulls, they were cool, and they were popular. The cards sold out in a heartbeat, and a lot of people in the app drove themselves nuts trying to get their set. Because of this, I am glad that there is another set that is here.

Topps Star Wars Card Trader Rey Topps Classic 2

At the same time, im really disappointed in the way they chose to roll this out, taking away the community win format, replacing it with a packout that is much less favorable for the people who desperately want them. Instead of the packs being ready to rock from the get go, users must pull a designated card before the packs are available. Sadly, there isn’t a bundle available to skip the trouble either, so as a whole, the set just become very much unattainable to collect unless you want to trade a lot or spend a lot. Even those of us who want to spend a medium amount are going to be priced out of getting the set through the available means, and that really bums me out.

This isn’t the first time a switch like this has happened, but I think that choosing the Topps Classic program as a way to get people interested in spending a considerable amount is the wrong choice. Galactic Ships 2? All good with that being a super premium release. This was different the first time around, and I don’t think it sets the right customer experience for those that loved this set during series 1.

At some point, the community needs a legacy set to win in their chase. A set that is easy to chase, but maybe has a premium element along side the non-premium content. That’s how you keep people interested. Give them a shot at the high life, but make sure there is a less costly option so they can continue to enjoy the products. Give them a taste, and when they get hooked, they have to pay. That’s the model of addiction that made Star Wars Card Trader so much a way of life. I don’t even mean that in the negative connotation that it seems like. Im saying, that is the way freemium works. Freemium feeds on our desire to spend in bursts. Not setting the model up to get people to spend a ton from the beginning.

I love this set. I love that they are bringing it back for series 2. I rarely complain about these types of things, but the way the community sets their expectations is important when the team brings a fan favorite into play. I don’t feel like that was considered the way it should have been.

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