Looking Back at the Top Cards for Huddle’s Launch

This past week has been a fun one in Huddle, as we are finally getting a look at the main cards for the season. We got introduced to all the marathons, and as expected, the designs are quite impressive. I want to take a minute and go through the first of the top cards to be released and offer some thoughts.

Limited Marathon


Difficulty to acquire: 12938420641293842064129384206412938420641293842064
Collectiblility: 12938420641293842064129384206412938420641293842064

I really like the look this year, even though the color is kind of monotone by design. It was an obvious choice to choose the cover athlete and should be pretty sought after considering the way it was packed out. The paywall in front of the release was not a popular packout scheme, and probably priced 95% of the community out of the chase. That being said, Limited is a popular set, and hopefully they make it more accessible as the year goes on. They did add a new type of variant to the mix this year, which was a bit easier to chase down, and should be a focus for those people who dont want to buy in with real money.

Signature Series Marathon


Difficulty to acquire: 129384206412938420641293842064
Collectiblility: 1293842064129384206412938420641293842064

I think its awesome that signature series fits in so nicely with the design of the base set, and even more when the structure mirrors that of the offseason signatures. 250 makes the lowest variant a premium card, and the golds could end up being the top cards in the game all year long. Cam as the first subject is awesome in its own right, and of all the marathons, this was the best execution in my opinion.

Dual Signature Series


Difficulty to acquire: 129384206412938420641293842064
Collectiblility: 129384206412938420641293842064

This is the best looking design I have seen in the app in a LONGGGGG time. Starting off with Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck is even more perfect, as both are two of the more highly collectible young QBs in the app. My only complaint is that the variant structure does not match the main sigs, as golds are 100 instead of 10, but it is what it is. I wold have put the golds at 10 and the platinums at 5, but that’s just me. Would have kept things consistent and easy to follow.

Relic Marathon


Difficulty to acquire: 12938420641293842064
Collectiblility: 12938420641293842064

I was hoping for a dynamic design that was similar to the offseason version, but we didnt get that unfortunately. I think the card is a bit played out, even though they look much better than last year. The paywall around this card was really disappointing too, as there was literally no reason to do so. I would have just stuck with the 10k packs for the base and team color with the card exchange for gold. Would have been fine.

Brave the Elements


Difficulty to acquire: 1293842064
Collectiblility: 12938420641293842064

This looks like 2016’s version of Rain and Ice, two sets that were really popular last year. The design is especially cool, portraying the four main elements in a Topps Fire sort of look. The Adrian Peterson purple rain card was a fitting way to start the set, and that’s not just because im a Vikings fan. Looks like there will be legend versions as well, as we saw Barry Sanders get a card yesterday.

Contest Prize Cards


Difficulty to acquire: N/A – Won through contests
Collectiblility: 129384206412938420641293842064

This was the real shocker of the week, and boy was it a big one. Walter Payton signature and 3 sigs for Winning the all day Sunday contest? Im in. Huddle has always been about contests and these cards are definitely worth the effort. If you havent been a spender, these are enough to get into the mix. Absolutely love the silhouetted players and the gold signatures, hopefully this continues for the entire season. Great looking stuff.

Again, there were definitely ups and downs with delivery, but I think we can all agree how sweet the cards look this year. Great job all around, and hopefully the execution will change where people have expressed their disapproval.

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