Making the Most of New Huddle Boosts

For the last few years, boosted cards are the name of the game for success in Huddle. These cards can be some of the most popular types of releases to chase, and a lot of it has to do with how much emphasis is put on contests within the app. There are a few things to consider now that boosts are here, and I wanted to get it out while people are figuring it out.


Before I dive in, let me say that with GO Boosts always one step ahead, and released for many of the top players, you will NOT need boosts to win. As I have come to find out, very few people actually understand how to play the game and score the most points, and that means that having golds and blues for the right players will still get you near the top if played correctly.


When boosts were most successful in 2014, users were able to collect a group of cards and get a larger boost for their effort. In 2015, the boosts were more one off releases, and I dont think had the chase that we saw in the previous year. This year seems to be approaching the setup with a combination of 2014 and 2015, with a group of boosts released and a chase for a similar level boost. This chase doesnt produce the level of urgency that we would see with a larger boost attached, but bringing back sets (if that continues), is a good call.

Valuing Boosts

First off, people arent good at chasing the right players, so if you plan your points out, you can make BANK on this for upcoming contests. First off, QB boosts are erroneously determined to be the most valuable of any bunch. Personally, this is a really good thing for people who are lucky and pull them from packs. Not because the QBs are better, but because they have extra value. You might be able to trade them 2 for 1, and that means when you accurately chase top WR and RBs, you can get ahead pretty easily.

Most importantly, dont just give up your boosts for nothing. They do have really good trade value, and if you are not a contest player, you can get good stuff if you play your cards right.

Future Plans

If you think 2.2x is the end of the boost levels, you are sadly mistaken. If I had to guess, there will be MANY different levels, and they will go up higher and higher as the season rolls on. They will also get more expensive, so you might want to take advantage when they go on sale or are cheap to acquire en masse.

Playing Boosts

As mentioned before, your top targets should be WR, RB, TE and LBs that get a lot of tackles. If you play a lot of fantasy contests, then go for the QBs. Otherwise, a white card of a WR will outscore your 2.2x (or higher) QB on every play that both cards score. The more WR and RBs you can get, the better. There are a QBs that run for TDs or score points at a large clip thanks to rushing yards, but that’s the only reason to chase them. Cam Newton and Marcus Mariotacome to mind.

In the end, this is just when Huddle starts to get fun, and I am a big fan of rocking the contests like a boss. Boosts are polarizing around the app, but they are worth picking up for any number of reasons. Not only are they good cards for the contests, but if you dont play, they are some of the best trade bait there is.



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