Topps Digital Launches Annual Holiday Program – 12 Days of Topps

For the last few years, all of the Topps apps have come out with holiday content to drive free giveaways and some awesome content in the apps. We have seen some of the more creative based approaches during this time, and with the announcement on twitter of the upcoming 12 days of Topps, looks like we are going to get another go at holiday fun for 2016.

What to Expect

As we have seen over the holiday season previously, this is where the apps can offer some major limited content alongside some fun free packs and cards. In Bunt and Huddle we have seen them release holiday signature sets that have been some extremely limited cards that remain valuable through the rest of the year.


For Star Wars, the Holiday ugly sweater and corresponding holiday set went pretty fast last year, and I would expect that if they do something similar this year, the Rogue One and FA subject matter will be fun. The preview has a Boba Fett gingerbread cookie, which might be a fun set coming.

Star wars card trader christmas holiday ugly sweater.PNG

There are usually mystery cards as well, either wrapped gifts or other cards that wont be revealed right away, and they can range from extremely valuable to free giveaways, and it could be different across all the apps.

Lastly, in Huddle, we might finally see the release of Series 2 base, which will hopefully come before the final 3 games of the season. Its extremely odd that all the rookies and many of the new stars have no base cards, and with so few games left, we have been relying on inserts to provide playable content. I think this is a major miss going back to thanksgiving and before, and we are running out of time.

Other Fun Holiday Expectations

With the release of Rogue One only a few days away, I would hope that more special content is on the way, especially some of the premium inserts we saw for Force Awakens. I can imagine there will be some sort of program running across the app, and if the movie is as good as I am hearing it is, this could spark a resurgence in the community that is desperately overdue.

Similarly, the NFL at Christmas time is always a fun time for football, as the playoffs are closing in and more teams are locking up their divisions. There will be lots of contests and cards to be released, so dont go blowing your cache if you are looking to make a big playoff run.

Additionally, Im curious to see how Bunt really digs in for the offseason, as the winter meetings really got some interesting movement for a few top stars. Im curious if they will do some of the engaging stuff that Huddle kicked up as they went into the 2016 regular season, but I havent confirmed anything quite yet.

Most importantly, enjoy the holiday season and get ready for the most wonderful time of the year. Happy holidays to everyone!

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1 Response to Topps Digital Launches Annual Holiday Program – 12 Days of Topps

  1. DrugZone says:

    Hooray 12 Days and what a great start to it! At Kick was no free pack in my 12 Days store, but hey I received some meaningless inserts on SWCT, Huddle and BUNT.
    At Skate I got a free base pack and they’ve announced now new contests with a 13$ entry fee (must’ve been the outcome of the contest survey recently).
    Sorry that’s just ridiculous, they’re really not getting it and negativity is as usual all over the Topps apps.

    Nevertheless I’m having a lot of fun at UD e-pack at the moment, that Compendium release is really getting a lot of attention, the prices are reasonable and it’s a great trading experience over there. My daily 3 x Compendium cards are also very appreciated.

    For the moment I stick with Upper Deck, they’re on the right track with their approach.

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