Upper Deck Brings Marvel Movie Magic to e-Pack with Doctor Strange

I see it everywhere, Marvel fans want the opportunity to collect digital versions of trading cards from their favorite comics and movies. Because the movies are so popular, and have spiked a resurgence in comic book culture, its only natural that a digital card product would be extremely well received. Upper Deck’s e-pack format combining the physical ownership of the digital cards you pull through the application takes it to another level, and it should not be surprising that their investment looks to be paying off in spades.


Upper Deck owns the license for Marvel Trading Cards, and have released a number of awesome physical products that have premiered in e-Pack to enormous success. Building on those past wins, Captain America and Doctor Strange are the newest additions to the portfolio, with a 75th anniversary set for Cap that celebrates the run of one of the most popular super heroes ever created.

Coming tomorrow, they will be releasing a movie themed Doctor Strange product to e-Pack, which is paired with the physical product released earlier. Like we saw with Captain America 75th Anniversary, there will be special acheivements and set awards for collecting certain content within the set, including hoard related exchanges for special foil variants.

There are also opportunities to pull relic and autograph cards from the packs, which have proven to be insanely valuable cards if you land one of the big names from the checklist. Benedict Cumberbatch has quickly become a household name after some recent high profile roles, and Doctor Strange is proving to be right in line.


I absolutely love that Upper Deck is bringing Marvel to digital in ways that allow for exclusive content like we are seeing with both new sets, as well as giving access to the popular physical cards by generating physical counterparts to what is contained in the digital packs.

Although Im not a huge non-sport collector in the physical world, I have taken quite an interest in non-sport digital, as the card community is so fierce with its passion for the different offerings available. Adding in the sketch cards and other examples of unique content is awesome, especially with the quality we see in many of the one-of-a-kind collectibles.

Tomorrow will be a big day, as we are seeing previous Marvel sets getting a lot of action on the secondary trade market present within the e-Pack platform. Pulling top sketches and autos can get you a lot of different options to trade, especially if you want to pick up some of the content from previously released sets, or sports releases like Ultimate Hockey and Goodwin Champions.


I am definitely looking forward to seeing more content from Upper Deck that continues to increase their participation for Marvel in the digital world. Tying it back to physical cards adds an extra layer, and that makes it that much more attractive to me. As a fanboy for many years, this is what I have been waiting for since digital products first surfaced.

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