2015 Bunt Post Season: Transitioning to the Final Leg of the Year

I love this time of year, as I have mentioned a few times, and today we start the final leg of 2015. The AL and NL wild card play in games will be today and tomorrow, and I think that we are in for a treat with the way Bunt will celebrate some of the most important games of the year.

Yesterday Bunt released all of their post season base cards, all of which feature new pictures and include some players who havent had cards yet. There were some amazing photos of players celebrating as they clinched their post season birth, and its clear that the team spent a lot of time thinking through which players will be making an impact.


The boost levels of the cards range from 2x to 5x, which is quite an increase over the standard boost levels of the regular season, but not so much that previous cards are nerfed. Last year’s massive increase in boost caused a lot of indigestion with users who had built up big collections of points cards, and I dont think that is going to happen as much with the way the cards are done this year. Similarly, with packs made up of entire runs of post season cards, it makes the cards much easier to come by. This was not as much the case last year, and its a good way to keep everyone in a top flight mode as the big contests get going.

Although nothing has been announced quite yet, we should be seeing some articles posted that details what Mike was referring to in the article I posted last week. There should be some MASSIVE physical prizes for users that perform at the top of the standings, and I know that should create some insanity around the contests that has been missing all season.

As someone who was more of a collector than a gamer this year, I will definitely be playing along as much as possible, especially if the prizes are as big as Mike has said they will be. Im sure we will be finding out in a matter of minutes, and I cant wait to see what they have in store.

When it comes to chasing down cards to play over the next month, I think its worth talking through which players should end up being the top dogs. For right now, try to play the odds with the wild card teams, as the one game playoff is definitely a troubling situation for someone looking to build multiple dupes of the big point producers. I would say that the Astros and the Cubs are ripe to move on, but they are quite evenly matched in both games. If Dallas Keuchel and Jake Arrieta pitch as well as they have during the regular season, their teams should have no issue moving on.

At that point, its worth your time to dive in and dive in head first. Pick up as many of the pitchers as you can, guys like Greinke, Kershaw, Price, Cueto, and the other aces are sure bets to score massive points, and you will want multiple red cards and higher to ensure you have the firepower to compete. I would also chase down guys that have power and dont strike out a lot. Think Josh Donaldson and Troy Tulowitzki of the Blue Jays, both of which should be targets for your lineup.

Because there will only be one game being played at a time, you can really play every last batter and pitcher who is in the game. Try to stay on top of the live broadcast, as it will give you more time to make lineup switches before the API loads the scoring into the app.

Overall, this is going to be the most fun on the contest side we have seen all year, and I cannot wait to see what is in store. We know that there will be many releases coming, and that these post season cards are only the tip of the ice berg. I fully expect game boosts, post season heroes and other fun sets that will all serve to stack your lineup even further. Even if you dont qualify for one of the huge prizes, you will definitely have the opportunity to see what playoff Bunt is all about. I cannot wait.


Here is an insane list of prizes that will be offered for the top finishers in the post season challenge contests. Not only are these ridiculously valuable in their own right, it is really, really cool to consider how much Topps is putting into these batches of contests. Color me more excited as we learn more.


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