Huddle Legends: New Format Brings a Huge Chase to the App

As I had mentioned before, I knew the “box break” format would be coming to the other apps. Its a great idea to add some premium content to users who are interested in spending that kind of money. Seeing that they are using the box break format in Huddle to launch a very awesome set of Legends for the first time in the app makes it even more of an interesting situation.



With each drop, there are 25 boxes to be opened for 900k a pop. In this break, you will get 9 golds and one guaranteed insert. Of the 7 inserts, you can either get one of the big three cards – a Legend (biggest score), a dual sig, or a dual sig variant. You can also pull one of the 4 duds, which are Relics, Lightning or the least valuable card in the Turn Back the Clock insert. Being that each of the cards are 1:7 or now 1:6 with Lightning sold out, you have a 50/50 shot at pulling a dud or hitting one of the big scores.

Valuing the Cards

The Legend card is a BIG deal, especially when the first card is Jerry Rice, who is arguably one of the biggest legends they could have started with. As of right now, the only card in the game with a bigger value might be the 1/1 Newton, and I dont see that changing, even when more legends cards hit the sheet. The Dual Sig, oddly enough is Newton as well, putting his face on two of the biggest cards in Huddle to date. Each of the big three is a win, as they will likely have enough of a low count to be worth the 100 dollar investment.

If you come out with one of the other four, now three cards, you are out a lot of money. A LOT of money. Relics arent worth much, and TBTC is worth even less than that. This is something that doesnt sit right with me, as both Star Wars and Bunt guaranteed the big winners in their box breaks. Although not guaranteeing a good pull will add value to the boxes that contain a big three card, I dont really see that as a necessary situation. That being said, I understand why it was done.

Not only does it allow for more boxes to be released without fear of diluting the card counts, but you might get more boxes out of someone who buys the 100 dollar box and ends up with a dud. It happens in physical cards, and it happens here too.

At the same time, you could permanently lose a customer as well, especially if they are overreaching for the cost of the box. If someone is a Niners fan, wants the Rice card, and spends that hundred bucks they would normally spend over a month – only to get the dud, they could be done for good. Not a positive situation at all.

Should You Buy In?

If you have a budget at all, this program is not for you. If you are a 49ers fan, or a Panthers fan, I would be all over this and maybe more than once. The Rice card should hold up enough to try a box, especially if 100 bucks isnt going to maim your spending for the rest of the month. Its clear that enough people wanted the big three cards to buy into a box, as the first wave sold out in a matter of minutes. The second and third waves have been much slower, but they are selling from what we can see on the increasing card counts of the main cards.

Adding in the award card for chasing down all the legends cards, things could get pretty crazy when you think about it. I know of at least 3 or 4 people who will spend until they get the card they want, and that is why Huddle wants to build a program like this. Not only is it fun and a great looking set, but it adds something that a big spender can buy knowing that no random user who gets lucky wont have the same card.

Im excited to see what is coming in the next few releases, as I would expect Triple Sigs (based on Bunt) to eventually be a thing as well. There are a lot of place this can go, and we might be in for some really big chases in the future.

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3 Responses to Huddle Legends: New Format Brings a Huge Chase to the App

  1. Doesn’t make any economical sense to spend $100 on this when the Rice card will sell on ebay for less than that.

  2. Eric P. says:

    It also didn’t help that it was available again today with only the big three hits. And it appears they may post it twice more. That might mean 10 more base dual signatures, and 3 each of the variant and the legend. (Just guessing on counts.) Why buy early in this case when you have a better chance the longer you wait? (While typing this, will swear Huddle first listed the next availability one hour after. Now it is two.)

    And I also agree that with Bunt you were at least guaranteed a /25 card at the worst. Plus, the box was a lot cheaper, with a lot more hits. Each of the 2 times I purchased the Legends box, most of the gold cards were dups. And it’s only 4 weeks into the season.

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