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2015 Topps Bunt Series 2 – Player Target List

With the release of Series 2 on the physical side, we are finally going to reach a point where new base cards should be on their way almost immediately. Because Bunt designs are digitizations of their physical counterparts, the cards … Continue reading

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2015 Topps Series 2 Your First Look at Bunt PLAYER Code Cards

I posted earlier today about the issues surrounding the giveaway for 2015 Bunt coins in packs of Topps Series 2 Baseball. There was another element at play that have turned out to be very worth our attention – the player … Continue reading

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Bunt Code Cards In Topps Series 2 – UPDATE

I posted this morning about the limited action that surrounded the codes from Series 2 Baseball. Sometime since the launch of the site yesterday, the limitation on the one code per account was removed. Seems like the feedback provided by … Continue reading

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New Teal Set in Star Wars Card Trader Previews New Round of Base Cards?

This morning, Topps released 5 new teal cards onto the Star Wars Card Trader sheet, and for the first time, we are seeing base cards that dont exist in the normal parallels. Many of us have speculated that this is … Continue reading

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More Topps Bunt News for Upcoming Topps Baseball Products

I thought this was pretty big news last week when we got word that Bunt would be a featured part of Series 2 with special player code cards that were made visible on the checklist reveal. Now that we have … Continue reading

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The Aura of the 1/1 – Master Series Highlights a Master Chase

Over the weekend, Bunt┬áreleased five 1/1┬ábase cards in special packs. If you are curious as to what I am talking about – these cards only have 1 copy. Although 1/1s have been given out for contests and tournaments, or pulled … Continue reading

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Force Tip of the Day – Insert Collecting By Color

Over the last few weeks, Star Wars sets have changed a bit. Where it used to be that a set had one or two variants, now they have four or five. In some ways, this can very good for the … Continue reading

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