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2015 Bunt Ramp Up: First Previews of the New Season!

As we saw from Tweets posted by the two Bunt producers, the 2015 Bunt Launch could be mere days away. With the season starting VERY shortly, this should be expected, and I could not be more excited. Yesterday Bunt released … Continue reading

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The Force Awakens: Topps to Launch Star Wars App?

Right now, Topps owns 7 main licenses that will translate well to the digital landscape. The first three are already in play with Bunt, Huddle and Kick. They also own the license for Star Wars, UFC, WWE, and Garbage Pail Kids, … Continue reading

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Gridiron Unwrapped – Boost Reward Card Edition!

I remember back when Huddle released the Calvin Johnson Black Boost and Teal boost. We were all in awe of what it looked like and how big the point value could potentially be. Now that we have completed the boost … Continue reading

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New Class Headed to the Hall – A Big Day for Bunt?

Each year, the BBWA gets together and starts the process to vote in a new group of baseball’s elite to the MLB Hall of Fame. This year was a CROWDED year of amazing careers to consider, and out of the … Continue reading

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2014 Topps Digital Year in Review – Huddle and Bunt

When 2014 started, I was what was classified as a casual user. I wasnt huge into Bunt, and I only did a “set it and forget it” approach to Huddle. When the playoffs got into full swing for the NFL, … Continue reading

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Huddle Bowl Bound – DCC Playoff Preview With Digital Editor in Chief Chris Vaccaro!

If you havent had the pleasure of talking with Topps Digital Editor in Chief, Chris “TOPPSCHRIS” Vaccaro, you are missing out. Not only is he responsible for apps covering 3 sports, but he is quite knowledgeable about each of them … Continue reading

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Special Announcement: Huddle Bracket O’ Rejects Information

If you havent already seen the official postseason format from the recent post in the news feed, its definitely worth your time. Basically – the 32 team champs, plus the top 32 will all be going against each other in … Continue reading

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TOPPSMIKE Confirms New Team Member for 2015 Bunt

I mentioned last week that I had heard Bunt was going to be bringing on a new team member to help TOPPSMIKE and the app stay ahead of the curve. I commented how much the App Producers go through to … Continue reading

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Positive Changes on the Way for Bunt 2015?

I want to paint a picture for you, as I want to make sure everyone understands how Topps digital is set up before going into this post. The whole division is a very small team of guys who run the 3 Apps. … Continue reading

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A Final Farewell: Putting a Bow on the 2014 Bunt Season

I didnt play Bunt all that much in 2013 or 2012, but I regret that now. 2014 Bunt reinvigorated my love for Baseball, and that is no joke. I became personally invested in the game again, something that was lost … Continue reading

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