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Force Tip of the Day – The Quest for Obtaining the Big Three

As we have all come to experience over the last few weeks, there are three cards that will likely hold continuous monumental value throughout the course of the first 30 weeks. Vintage Han, Widevision Help Me Obi Wan, and Connections … Continue reading

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Sandlot Unwrapped: Breaking Down New Bunt Inserts 4/17/15

Another week of Bunt, and with it, another batch of really cool cards that we are getting the first look at for 2015. Some important sets have started as of this past week, and its worth discussing how they may … Continue reading

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Force Tip of the Day: Understanding the Difference Between Ongoing Sets and Weekly Inserts

With Star Wars Card Trader being 100% collection focused, the need for chase elements and sets is even higher than any of the other apps. With the release of weekly inserts, planet sets, greens, and other ongoing insert sets, there … Continue reading

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Digital Card Central Celebrates One Year!

Over the last year, I have posted over 300 times, with a growing community of readers that have made this site something that I am very proud of. Since April of last year, when the site began, this site has … Continue reading

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Force Tip of the Day: Ranking the Weekly Insert Sets

If you havent hopped on the fan feed in SW Card Trader as of late, there is a growing shift towards collecting the weekly inserts, mainly because many of the cards retain the most value through the weeks. They also … Continue reading

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Sandlot Unwrapped: Breaking New Bunt Inserts 4/13/15

I love this part of the year in any of the apps, as it is still new and fresh. Every insert has expedited increases in value because there just arent many out there, and that rush still comes with each … Continue reading

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The Force is Strong: Discussing the Value Behind SWCT’s Biggest Cards

If you have been playing along with Star Wars Card Trader, you probably are familiar with the big three weekly sets in Vintage, Widevision and Connections. These three sets represent some of the most valuable cards in the game, and … Continue reading

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